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Sew Laurel Lee is a one-woman sewing studio currently located in Sydney, Australia,

Sew Laurel Lee strives to convey personal style in every piece. She uses a library of purchased commercial patterns and self made patterns. She works with a range of fabrics from denim to cashmere and silk to cotton.


Sew Laurel Lee delivers unique and limited pieces for your precious children.

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Sew Sustainable

Clothes should be made to love more than a season.


Our fast-paced world and cheap labour and materials have made fashion an unsustainable industry. While we sieve though endless choice in fast fashion brands our closets become cluttered with cheap and trend focused clothes that have a limited lifetime before they become forgotten or irrelevant.


The Sew Sustainable range consists up-cycled materials from pre-loved clothing or textiles de-stashed from other makers or deadstock. Pieces are hand chosen, dissected and then re-constructed into new and unique garments for stylish and eco-conscious customers. By far the most unique children’s clothing in the world as only one of each item ever exists.

Support Crew

Sew Laurel Lee is not a solo business.

I am lovingly and patiently supported by family and forever thankful for their encouragement.  

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